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Stefan Hett (nickname: Luke1410) was born in 1981 in Germany. He is a software engineer who studied at the HTW Aalen (Germany – Baden-W├╝rttemberg). He got his diploma degree in 2007, worked for the Computer Games industry for 14 years before making a switch to work in the area of software development for public security authorities and organizations (German acronym: BOS).

His knowledge in programming languages covers mainly C++ (since ~1999), C (since ~1997) and Lua (since ~2001). Recently he started to improve also his Java skills again, which he initially gained during his studies in 2005 and used occasionally over the following years. He also got experience in other languages including: PHP, HTML, Javascript, Go, Delphi/Pascal, Perl, Python, Assembler, etc.

While having collected experience especially in the area of user interfaces (focusing on user interface engine design), his main interest being network engines (in which area he also did his diploma thesis) and AI with a decent interest in embedded systems, too. Since 2016 he also continued the development of an open source network engine.

Over the past years he also got some experience with certain tools including (T)SVN, JIRA/Confluence, PCLint/VisualLint, etc.

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