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Stefan Hett (nickname: Luke1410) was born in 1981 in Germany. He is a software engineer who studied at the HTW Aalen (Germany – Baden-W├╝rttemberg). He got his diploma degree in 2007 and has been working for the Computer Games industry ever since.

His knowledge in programming languages covers mainly C++ (since ~1999), C (since ~1997) and Lua (since ~2001). However, he also got experience in other languages including: Java, PHP, HTML, Javascript, Delphi/Pascal, Perl, Python, Assembler, etc.

While having collected experience especially in the area of user interfaces (focusing on user interface engine design), his main interest being network engines and AI with a decent interest in embedded systems, too.

Over the past years he also got some experience with certain tools including (T)SVN, JIRA/Confluence, PCLint/VisualLint, etc.

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