About MaxSVN

MaxSVN is a highly experimental distribution of Apache™ Subversion® (SVN) for Windows.

In order to run MaxSVN you require the Visual Studio 2015 Runtime (64-bit).
Furthmore, note that MaxSVN requires Windows Vista+ and won't work under Windows XP and any older version.

Report bugs and feature requests in the bugtracker.

Please note that while MaxSVN is a distribution of Subversion, the product is created, maintained, and distributed by Stefan Hett and is not directly associated with the Apache Subversion project.

It's main purpose is to be used for development of Subversion itself and for providing a distribution which can be used to test features/builds as early as possible.
The aim is to provide:
- a distribution which tests SVN against the latest build tools and dependencies on Windows
- provide early access to versions of SVN while they are in development
- provide a distribution which can be used to debug/test issues yourself (by providing symbol files)

That said:

MaxSVN is NOT intended for production use (but rather only for experimental/development/debugging purposes).

Please refer to the readme.txt file in the archives for further information.

What's the meaning of MaxSVN?

The name originates from the words 'Max' and 'SVN' where 'Max' is used to give credit to Stefan's first nickname he used in the early days of the internet back when bulletin board systems were still the means to access the WWW.

Download MaxSVN trunk (based on current SVN development branch)

!!!WARNING!!! Being the current development branch these versions are highly experimental and won't provide an upgrade path!

Note that these versions also contain the svn-mergeinfo-normalizer tool.

Tools and Dependencies

The following tools and dependencies are used to build the latest version of MaxSVN from the Apache Subversion® source: