More Titan Quests progress

During the last couple of days the refactoring of TitanQuests' architecture has been finished. There are just a couple of smaller clean-up tasks on the list before version 1.0.0 will be released (like improvements to the localization, support for heroic/daily quests, documentation, etc.).

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TitanQuests progressing

I've spent some more time on the addon and the DB-class is finished as well as porting part of the existing code to the new DB-system.

Next will be the refactoring of the second block of the menu handling. After that's complete the only big remaining task is integrating the options menu into WoW's option dialog.

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Work continues on architectural refactoring

I've spent another couple of hours further refactoring the Titan Quests code. The most important remaining steps will be integration of a DB system as well as moving the options to WoW's new options system. Another couple of hours will have to be spent on cleaning up remaining utility functions.

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Typo3 updated

Typo3 has been updated to 4.3.1 in order to fix several bugs.

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Titan Quests page added

Project page about the Titan Quests plugin for Titan Panel has been added.

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XHTML conformance improved

The redirection file has been updated to better comply with the XHTML 1.1 standard.

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"more"-link fixed

The [more]-link displayed under the news entries works now.

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blog engine integrated

tt_news, a typo3 extension has been installed. It will mainly be used for the upcoming blog but is also integrated into the startpage in order to provide automatic archiving of older news as well as the feature to add user comments.

In addition the "Home" page was renamed to "News".

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Impressum/Disclaimer added and homepage enabled

Added Impressum/Disclaimer and enabled page access via www.luke1410.de.

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No Day / Night

Added No Day / Night WoW project page.

Category: No Day/Night

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