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A blog system has been integrated into the homepage. It's already functional (including RSS support, comments, etc.). The layout will be integrated into the homepage shortly too.

See Blog-page.

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Titan Quests 3.0.1 beta 1 released

The beta version of Titan Quests 3.0.1 has just been released and can be downloaded on the project page.

If no further issues show up, this beta version will become the next release version in about 2 weeks.


* fixed incompatibility issues with WoW 4.0.x
* fixed Titan Panel error message about duplicated registering of Titan Quests on startup
* fixed incorrect positioning of wrapped quest objectives in the quest detail view (all lines except the last one of wrapped objectives were positioned too high)
* fixed long quest objectives exceeding the window length (long objectives are wrapped now)
* fixed Titan Quests button text being larger than the button texts for all other Titan Panel Plugins (thanks to Joseph Jankowski for reporting this bug)
* fixed incorrect version number (version 3.0.0 was still reported as 3.0.0 - beta 1)
* updated toc for WoW 4.0.x
* updated readme file
- removed honor points from reward section since quests no longer reward any honor points directly

Category: Titan Quests


Titan Quests 3.0.1 beta 1 on the horizon

Titan Quests progresses quite good. All incompatibility issues have been fixed and a couple of reported (and unreported) bugs could be fixed, leaving just one issue on the list, before the beta can be released.

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Upgrade to Typo3 4.4.4

Typo3 has just been updated to the latest available version (version 4.4.4) which comes with several improvements and bugfixes.

This also concludes the update process for the homepage and I'll begin working on the next Titan Quests version now.

Category: homepage updates


Upgrade to Typo3 4.3.8

Typo3 has just been updated to the latest version in the 4.3-branch. 4.3.8 fixes a couple more issues including a regression introduced in 4.3.7.

Category: homepage updates


Upgrade to Typo3 4.3.7

Yet more bugs have been fixed by applying the update to Typo3 4.3.7.

Category: homepage updates


Upgrade to Typo3 4.3.6

Typo3 has just been updated to 4.3.6 which contains yet more bugfixes.

Category: homepage updates


Upgrade to Typo3 4.3.5

Typo3 has just been updated to 4.3.5 which contains especially bugfixes for regressions introduced in version 4.3.4.

Category: homepage updates


Upgrade to Typo3 4.3.4

Typo3 has just been updated to 4.3.4 which contains several bugfixes.

Further upgrades will be coming during the next couple of days including the move to Typo3 4.4 before I'll continue work on the release of the next Titan Quests version.

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Titan Quests 3.0.1 on its way

Now that Titan Panel 4.3.5 has been released, I'm stating work on the next bugfix release for Titan Quests.

Even though Titan Quests seems to work just well with the new Titan Panel version one new issue is an error message which pops up when starting WoW saying that Titan Quests had already been registered with Titan Panel.

This is due to changes to the initialization system for Plugins in Titan Panel and some changes have to be made to Titan Quests to get it working completely correctly with Titan Panel.

Category: Titan Quests

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